ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

a date with myself

last night, i impulsively called wink's, and made a reservation for one. today, i showed up at 5:30 pm, which is a nice safe time when you hopefully won't bump into anyone you know, and the waitress was extremely friendly. i ordered several appetizers instead of entrees so i could try out different dishes. one of the waiters remarked that he loved how i was dining :)
i think it was a totally different experience then when i went out to four seasons by myself. the service was much more friendly. don't get me wrong, i have no problem eating out by myself, i do that often during lunch hours, but doing it at a fine dining place, it is still something that i'm not totally comfortable with.

the food was delish. i liked all but 2 dishes.
the chocolate mousse balls in earl gray infused dark chocolate should not be missed. go there for dessert. you will not regret it. they also have a wine bar adjacent to the restaurant that you can get a variety of good wine and still order food from.

afterwards, i was still a bit tipsy, so i swung on the hammock at Whole Earth Provisions which was right outside. Drunk on wine, and good food.

i've been reflecting that i'm becoming more and more comfortable with spending time with me. i remember when i was single, people gave me that cliche: be comfortable with yourself, then a man will be comfortable with you. balderdash. it's easier to learn to be comfortable with yourself when it's a choice.

yay good food. yay riesling. yay oblivion. yay liking time with myself.

ps: I went to Four Seasons for my birthday, and the food was poor. two of the dishes were greasy :( i cannot recommend that place anymore.
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