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IFE's 1 year show and clothes

The show was really solid. We did a montage, which is basically just a set of scenes that may/may not be related. It has been a long time since we did a pure montage, also since we were working on editing scenes before the height, it made for really short scenes.

The energy was really good, and everyone was strong. We got lots of laughs.. However, we did lose a bit of steam, around minute 25. We're used to doing shows that are 22 long, and the double barrel slot was 40 minutes. So phew, I felt tired in the middle of the show. However, there was a lot of fun. I can definitely tell when my troupemates are just having fun, not worrying about the show. Also, they'll say stuff on stage, and I'll crack up really strongly, and laugh louder then the audience.

People are saying I look more confident on stage. I guess familiarity does breed contempt. Not that I'm contemptous, just that I'm no longer scared shit by being on stage.

Also, I dressed all out last night. Wearing a sexy mini-dress, and really high heels (which suddenly got really painful after the show, I didn't notice during the show). And my troupe definitely treated me different. It was weird, they were much nicer to me, but  only a few of my scenes was empowering, I was a sex/wife-bot at least twice. Any of you ladies notice differences in your improv depending on your clothes? Usually I wear shirts and pants, and my troupe usually treat me as one of the guys.

but I must say, I was pretty hot last night. Love that dress. I went to Express yesterday and got 3 mini-dresses. I used to find that shop distasteful, rather mall-y. But their clothes fit surprisingly well. And those dresses were so soft and comfy and fall just right. I'm putting Express above Banana Republic.

in fact, i'm pretty sure i got hit on last night. it's been a while since some stranger aggressively initiated a conversation with me since I am in an introverted phase. ah, clothing. ah, men.


May. 14th, 2007 08:31 am (UTC)
clothes and men
Clothes are signals, so it is not strange that people treat you differently based on how you dress. I've had fun with this myself, by deliberately not dressing to expectations. It's fun holding a (perfectly serious!) presentation on the practical problems of implementing elliptic curve cryptography on a embedded device with only tiny storage -- while wearing, for example, a tie with Rudolph the reindeer, complete with blinking nose, and a set of trousers striped in yellow/red.

A friend of mine brougth a complete tuxedo, with top-hat, a bottle of fine champagne and cooler (ok, so cooler is the wrong word, you know what I mean!) to a mountaintop. It was his 100th 2000m. Quite by himself mind you. He reports it was -- 'different'.

But part of it ain't people reacting differently to you: part of it is *you* behaving differently. If you're consient of it or not, you will behave differently when wearing different clothes. When you yourself feel "pretty hot", you'll walk different, smile different, move different, talk different.

I'm pretty sure the main difference in my behaviour towards Silvia when she dresses up is not directly due to the clothes (allthough probably also that), but more indirect -- I respond differently to her because *she* is a different girl in a dress and pretty shoes than she is in baggy cotton training-clothes.
May. 14th, 2007 07:32 pm (UTC)
Re: clothes and men
ok, your profile picture is way too adorable!!

did you actually present all that with a blinking nose?

(we use cooler too, thing to put stuff in while camping to keep cold?)


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