ripresa (ripresa) wrote,


just came back from bobacita's fake birthday party at Ramsey Park. the funniest part was seeing her led out of her car by her husband with nike shorts over her head... and she tripped right over the curb. then when they got to us, he removed her shorts and we yelled: "Surprise!"

i decided to come out of my introverted shell, put aside my cunt book (which is a great feminist conversation starter), and actually talk to people at the party. it was fun, i always feel really comfortable with that cs heavy crowd. i played frisbee!

got to finally have a real conversation with matt_walker, whom i had accidentally friended because i thought he was another matt. but kept him on my friends list anyways.. and now we're actual friends :-)

now i'm sweaty and yucky. tonight on to preservationgal's not a housewarming party. i've my settler's game ready.
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