ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

yes and...

today andy and i got a u-haul and picked up furniture from craigslisters... he got a sofa, i got everything else.

caught up with work stuff till late late, and tummy growling coming home to cook myself sardines and rice, even though i was trying to stay away from carbs but i had spinach for lunch so that's ok.


my troupe, improv for evil, got accepted into the Out of Bounds improv festival!

last year we didn't get in, which makes this year's acceptance so much sweeter. we're totally going to rock the house.

it's so weird, the first time i was at the hideout was to see OOB shows, and I saw you, me and greg (was totally in love with them) and maybe polite society presents...
and now we're going to perform, thursday night, labor day weekend :)

so it's actually an improv and mini-golf festival. i used to think that improv wasn't big enough in austin, so they had to sort of append themselves to an existing mini-golf festival..  the OUT OF BOUNDS MINI GOLF FESTIVAL (and improv). it wasn't until the end of last year's festival, when I went mini-golfing, and saw all the improvisors playing mini-golf that I had a lightbulb moment.

(last year's festival webpage, you have to come visit charles_midair!!)

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