ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

tombe, pas de borre, glissade, pas de chat.


today was my last class at the Guadulupe studio, which used to be a firestation. i love that building, i like taking classes there, and looking out the window, down where everyone was bustling about, and if they looked up, they would see a figure wearing leotard, doing plies.

i've taken classes with ballet austin for.. almost 6 years now.  i started at the chapparel studio, and slowly made my rounds through a lot of the ballet studios in town, but always coming back to ballet austin.

i just moved to a few blocks from the main office, and off they go to downtown. though, i'm glad that they got a better and bigger, new space. hopefully i'll find secret parking spots there.

there's a two week break in classes while they move, and i had just gotten back into the groove of taking classes again. i always panic at the end of semesters as i try to use as many classes as possible on my class card. ah well, unused classes are a donation well spent.

my petit allegros and turns are finally improving to the point that i can notice them. yay! it's like my body has advanced further then my head, so i'm surprised when i actually executed an arabesque turn today. and i could follow the fast glissades, jetes, pas de bourrees, glissade, ensemble, glissade, ensemble, tombe, pas de borre, glissade, pas de chat. woo! :) almost there. I already do good jumps, now if i can do good petit allegros.. and also good turns, I will be a nice well rounded dancer.

mmm. dance makes me happy.
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