ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

solar ovens are brilliant

here's the solar oven that i made! i improvised from plans i saw online..
i even added a mini reflector.

i went to HEB to find a black pot and got a largish dutch oven to put in it. i'm assuming a smaller pot may be more efficient... ponder.

i love it when i search for stuff and stumble across cornell references. looks like some engineers from cornell are also involved in efforts to help women in poorer countries use solar ovens so they don't have to journey and gather timber.

I did go ahead and purchased a commercial solar cooker called the HotPot.  It won't arrive in time for this weekend though. it was $99 and is supported by SHE (Solar Household Energy, a not for profit, wanting to introduce solar cooking to improve quality of life and reduce stress to the environment).
It doesn't seem as super powered as the Sun Oven, but those are over $250.

Solar ovens are brilliant,

Here's the HotPot:


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