ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Firefly Creek, Homeslice Pizza

This evening, spontaneously, I called bobacita and ikarpov, and along with Negin, we went to the Greentbelt creek that was discovered yesterday. Igor and I crossed the rushing waters, and swam in the water hole for a bit, though every time I crossed the river the current kept trying to sweep me away.

At dusk, the fireflies twinkled all around us. Carol said it looked like Narnia. Negin said it reminded her of Disneyland, and that she tends to compare real things with fake things.

We christened the creek "Firefly Creek".
Afterwards we ended up having homeslice pizza, and chatting. And it was nice. The companionship was lovely, the introvert in me likes the optimal number of 4 for hanging out and conversation. Too few and the conversation may get stagnant, too much and it becomes a fight for the spotlight.
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