ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Frontera fest Saturday, anyone?

Anyone interested in watching the Sat 2pm wildcard show Best of Fest show?

Tickets are $14. For reservations (highly recommended), call 479-PLAY. All performances at the Hyde Park Theatre, 511 West 43rd St.

Wild Card Night showcases the FronteraFest staff's favorite shows that were overlooked by the panelists.

"Mission Improbable," by Sheila Rinear. It's ten days after Hurricane Katrina. Do you know where your values are? A woman flooded out of her New Orleans home and life, returns to the arms of her family only to rediscover why she left in the first place.

"Stories of Hulsey County, Texas," by Tom Doyal. Tom Doyal reads two of his short stories.

"_____: The Musical!" by Girls Girls Girls. Girls Girls Girls performs improvised musicals with the accompaniment of a band. We don't know where this one will take place yet. That's up to the audience. Expect singing, dancing, comedy, and all the trappings of the musical theatre genre!

"Catastrophe Theory," by Stephen Pruitt. A new comedic monologue from "best of the fest" performer Stephen Pruitt about the science of slipping sand, washtubs on the equator, honesty in everyday interactions, and the dangers of having a research scientist as a girlfriend.

"Slice." This collaborative choreography by the BeingLived Performance Company is directed by Liz Ganz. It offers a reflection on the beauty, hilarity and vulnerability of the human experience.
Tags: entertainment
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