ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

learn to row day, sculling, team row

my friends wanted to go to "Learn to Row" day at the rowing dock today. so i ended up there after months and months.
there was a free rowboat, so I got on one.. and it was like riding a bicycle. i got my bearings and shot off in the water.

it was so much fun. i love kayaking, but sculling is also a lot of fun. it's so much faster, and it made me feel powerful. each stroke needs your legs, tummy, back, and arm muscles.

i felt so amazing. my friends were at the dock learning how to row on boats that had floaties.. two of them tri-athletes. after mojo-kickball last wed, and also going biking with igor (where he was doing circles waiting for me to catch up) it was really nice to have a sport that i was much better then my friends at. if only because, none of them know how to row ;-)

ok, maybe i'm a bit too competitive. i admit it. but it's hard not to compare yourself with other people.. especially in the physical realm. whether it's looks, or how fast your run, throw, or win.

anyways, i can row. so that makes me awesome.

and, i do really enjoy it, and didn't tip over.

coincidentally, i got an email from a rowing dock coach on friday, and she said: "If you are reading this email it is because your name was chosen from our list of members who we thought would do very well in team rowing boats." and invited me to show up on Sunday to a Team Row day... regardless of experience (i've only rowed in a quad once. and i remembered loving the synchronicity of it).

So yay! Water!

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