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new ballet austin

Arletta's class started today, and I was excited about the new studio. Or studios, rather. It looked really nice and sleek, and there was a lot of windows in the one I was in. People could even look at us from upstairs. All nice and light and clean. And there was a baby grand piano in it! I felt very professional dancery.

The last class before break, Arletta had picked on my shoulders.. and today she worked on it even more, trying to get it back and down. This is something that my yoga boyfriend has been trying to get me to do for a while. And I remember having been corrected by my ballet teachers on occasion, but man, Arletta really focused on it. She tried sort of massaging it.  Then was like: Get a massage!

Hrmpf. How do you correct years and years of bad posture?

I did 2 perfect pirouttes today. Each time I do one, I hear a huge mental cheer and applause, and I turn around and am rather surprised people aren't applauding. I guess they expect people to do pirouttes in a ballet class :) For me though, each perfect piroutte is to be treasured.


Jun. 13th, 2007 03:10 am (UTC)
yay for perfect pirouettes!

About the posture thing: When working in front of you (like I do with conservation work and you do with a keyboard) the body just sort of starts to get accustomed to working "forward" and your back stretches out and your front caves in.

So just try sitting up straighter and pulling your shoulders back and shoulderblades down your back - and actually stopping every hour or so during work to stretch out. And try wearing heels. I find wearing heels makes me stand up straighter.


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