ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

the screaming rubber chicken

What a day!!! I had a productive day working, then went to have sushi with negin and bobacita at Origami Express at Anderson & Burnet. Sushi Chef Dave is awesome and gave us large portions of food. We had a good time girl bonding. I really like those ladies.

We walked around after lunch, and I got a screaming rubber chicken. Little did I know that it was going to save my life.

I dropped by Coco's Cafe to grab the green tea latte I've been craving. Eventually met up with [info]bobacita at the gym to go swimming. I haven't swam, really swam in a long long time, so it was really nice and made me feel... strong. and nice.

As we lazed about in the hot tub, suddenly I could hear screaming from the treadmills section. [info]bobacita  and I looked at each other grimly. The reports were true then. We had hoped it was just a joke. Especially since everything seemed so normal. We both took off from the hot tub, and rushed to the parking lot. Two of them were coming after  us.  "My car! It's unlocked and closer!" [info]bobacita  yelled to me. We went to her car, got in.. and as we drove away... we heard a noise from behind... the chicken.. it was screaming! but we weren't playing with it....

Both of us turn around... and there was one in the back seat of her car, preoccupied with the chicken! We screamed, rivaling the chicken's screech. Both of us simultaneously got out of the car and rushed to Hyde Park Bar and Grill. We await here. The electricity is flickering. I don't know when I can update next.

I hear people are gathering at Whole Foods, we'll try to make it there at day break.     
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