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healthy kombucha day

today i dragged a co-worker to Casa de luz for lunch, which was.. a bit too much driving (austin -> round rock ->  austin -> round rock -> austin), but it was worth it to show him daily juice (i luv!) and casa de luz (which i don't like. but all my friends seem too.)

i also got a chance to workshop with the woman who provides kombucha to daily juice.
so right now, i'm experimenting with making 2 kombucha batches: one with twig tea (which daily juice sells at like 3 bucks for 2 ounces.. also the tea itself is what casa de luz serves) and one with green tea (organic jasmine and matcha).

for those who don't know kombucha.. here's wikipedia's entry, which includes the trivia: "Chef Josef Desimone of Google makes Kombucha for Google employees. Almost 100 glasses of Kombucha are served every day at Google cafeterias."

Anyways, all I know is that it makes me have more energy and sleep like a log. Though too much aggravates my heartburn.

The woman who taught me how to make it.. she's quite a character; steoreotypical, south austin resident. makes me smile.

so.. in case any of you want some kombucha cultures, I sure have them. and they look nice and plump and healthy.