ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

measure for measure; farm tour

Busy weekend! Yesterday after brunch at Borrego D'Oro, Andy and I hanged out at Borders to read. And I read some of Neil Gaiman's Endless Nights.

Then we went to Winedale to watch their dress rehearsal of Shakepeare's Measure to Measure. This is apparently one of Shakepeare's "problem plays", which I take it to mean that it will probably suck. I liked it ok.. except the ending was very unsatisfactory. Anyways, I'm glad we went out to see it, as the day was beautifully gray and cloudy, and it was nice being outside.

Today we went on a farm tour with the Wheatsville co-op. The farm was near Elgin. There was a delicious spread, and I got to see a rooster. That made me realize that I hadn't seen a real live chicken for a long time, which seems wrong since I eat chicken all the time.

I saw a pile of bell pepper plants, upside down, in a mess and asked the farmer about it. He said that it was time for the plants to go. Basically, he grows them during winter time in the greenhouses.. but during the summer, they are so cheap that it isn't worth the time and money. I brought 2 of them home, and was happy to see others bringing home some of those "useless" plants.

Later tonight we're going to have another "Roach" gaming night.
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