ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

Known World Dance, here I come!

I'm packing and getting ready for my early flight tomorrow. I'll miss Thurs night's event and part of Friday, but I should be dancing Friday, Sat and Sunday!

I am so psyched. I also have to practice some of my dancing since it's been a long while since I did Lo Spagneletto or a Galliard. I think I'll just focus on having fun dancing, and it's nice to not have any responsibility at all. I decided not to teach a class this KWD (or Pennsic). Considering that the last Pennsic I went to I ran a ball, a night dance,  and taught 5 classes, I think the break is going to be... .sweet.

I'll be hanging out with Brandon after the conference. He's booked a sea kayak trip in the San Juan islands, hopefully we get to see orcas! And also we're doing a 5k midnight run on July 3 with fireworks.

I'm seriously looking forward to this trip.

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