ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

seattle travelogue

I finally got a chance to get on a computer. At Redmond right now, waiting for dinner and board games.

So many things have happened so far, some really awesome, and some rather not.

Some highlights that I may or may not journal more about, which may involve different levels of protection

- Got from the airport to University of Washington with buses, help from strangers, and $1.25
- Toured the Sci-Fi musuem (very inspiring), the music experience project (blah), the Seattle Underground tour.
- One hour ferry ride to Bermingham (sp) and 5 mins there, and one hour ride back. This was not a picturesque, breeze streaming your hair, watching pretty night skyline. It was more like a: freezing outside as we got a glimpse of the skyline, then huddle back inside the ferry.
- Got my butt kicked on the Celeste Giglio class. Wow. We all had problems picking up that dance, but the teacher said she teaches it in 6 months, we got prob a quarter done in 2 hours.
- My feet are SORE, my calves are tight. My stamina isn't what it was a few years ago. Time to get it up... maybe morning galliards like Queen Elizabeth supposedly used to do :)
- Ate at a ridiculous sushi, crepe, chinese buffet.. Todai? or something.
- Squished 6 of us in a tiny hunchback
- Tea tasting at a wonderful chinese tea place at Pike's place.  i got me some jasmine green tea pearls, lake west dragon well (which sells for $280 a pound!! but I bought only $10 worth)

Still to come:
- maybe go to the gym with brandon tomorrow morning
- sea kayaking 2 1/2 hours away
- July 3rd midnight 5k
- July 4th in Lake Joy
- 6 AM flight on thursday.
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