ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

The journey itself; the kindness of strangers and friends

My flight to Seattle was 3 hours delayed. The tix was one of the more expensive tixs I had to buy at $450.. it was a direct flight, and it was still 3 hours late. Grrr.

And then, despite my always choosing a seat by the window/aisle, the later flight had me right in the middle of two seats. I was dismayed.

I sat down, and as I did, the girl on my left said: "hello". Which I took as an invitation to chat. Megan is 9 years old, on the plane by herself. Very precocious, and delightful. I had turned on my Nintendo DS-lite, and it turned out she had one too.
Megan: "I got mine when I was eight."
Me: "I got mine when I was twenty seven."

I told her my theory that when my generation get old, we will be sitting around computers in RPG and shooter games. None of this bingo stuff. 

Megan told me she had almost finished her New Super Mario game except for the last castle. I offered to help her, and proceeded to finish the final castle in one try. She was impressed by my "mad skillage", a new term I learned from her. Then I showed her how to unlock the hidden levels.

Afterwards, I told her to consider being an engineer. Maybe she'll remember me someday. The adult sitting on the flight who helped her beat the final Koopa boss.

I enjoyed the flight.

So when I arrived at the airport, I went looking for the Shuttle express. As I was wandering around in confusion, a black man looked at me, picked up my luggage, and asked me where he could carry it. His name was Danny, and seemed really nice, old and pleasant, so I squashed the past New Yorker in me that suspected he may run off with my luggage and 15th Century dress.

He pooh-poohed my idea of using the airport express, and before I knew it, I was on the bus to downtown Seattle. I had given in to adventure, and being cheap. I had no idea where to get off, so I called Brandon for some navigation. But since he wasn't a student, I asked the youngish people around me if they knew where the University of Washington was. Finally, I ended up with a semi-homeless 18 yr old, who helped me carry my luggage as well, and then got me to the next bus. We got to talking. She was a hipster, with hip clothing and attitude, but there was something vulnerable about her.. (maybe her 18 year oldness). She, Amber, gave me her myspace address.

I was dropped off really close to where I needed to be, and Greg helped me with my luggage. Later on, the lady who does the Darwin awards also helped me with my luggage. And when I was leaving the dorm a few days later, Katherine helped me with my luggage.

:-) People can be quite nice.
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