ripresa (ripresa) wrote,

26.2 miles

I finished the freescale marathon! I actually finished it. 7:20:08.
Over 7 hours! My feet is sore.

I mainly walked it because I didn't want to have to give up, like I did for the 3M half. I figure I could run the last few miles if I still have the energy at the end. Haha. The first half, there was a lot of people in the race.. but when the fork came for the half-marathoners... it got rather lonely.

I played mental games with myself. (Oh, we're a third of the way through! Hey, another 3 miles and you reach the 20 milestone. And 3 miles is nothing!) I struck up conversations with various people, a random act of kindness from a stranger provided me with a pretzel. Apparently 3 energy bars and 2 clif bloks aren't enough for 7+ hours.

And my feet grew heavier, and the hurting grew a bit louder. At mile 23, things got really tough for me, but thankfully, nickjong, my hero found me, and he walked about 2 miles with me. Mile 23 also had a small hill, plus you could see people coming back from the other side, so it was psychologically a challenge. But Nick and another marathoner, Laura from ABQ, kept me distracted. Laura got faster and left me, and Nick passed me on to my other hero, Andy, who showed up near mile 25. I totally didn't expect either of them to walk the last part with me, so that was a great mental support. Andy let me cross the finish line alone, where they called out my name and said: "We're here for you!!" They literally were, as they had to wait for us turtles to finish.

I gathered enough energy to run through the finish mats and got a nice clunky medal.

I now join the ranks of Marathon finishers.
Tags: friends, running
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