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south lake tahoe

It's Christmas Day!

The morning was quite lovely. We opened presents then hung out in the general area. The hotel has free breakfast. Then we hung out in front of the fireplace. We wore the matching Hanna Anderson PJs I got for us.

Andy and K played with legos, and I was on the computer.

An Australian boy, Leo, played UNO with us.

After that we had tacos at Azul at the Heavenly Village. Then I headed back to the hotel since I was still under the weather. While the two of them went sledding.
I like pretty things

south lake tahoe

well it looks like i'm sick this whole vacation.

yesterday, the 24th, i stood in line and got us tickets to the gondola, and we went up the scenic route. it was rediculously gorgeous.

and then at the top we had hot chocolate, i listened to a band while andy and k explored.

then the way back, we were stuck in a long line in 15 degree weather. my toes got really cold.

dinner was happy hour at kalani's hawaiian. i've been really good about not over ordering this week since i'm on a diet.

then we came home and each opened one present.
I like pretty things

south lake tahoe

We're in South Lake Tahoe.
I'm not ski-ing becaues I don't like it, and I also don't want to break my leg.

I'm also sick. Which sucks balls. I think maybe from now on Christmas vacations can be in Texas, and we can do Sugarland.

Andy is amazing.

K is amazing.

I'm grumpy and I worry about the snow. I worry.

I need to move, but there's not much room in the room to dance. Maybe I can go to a club or something. Probably not. I hate clubs.
I like pretty things

wine choc cheese 17

17th wine chocolate and chees party!

we did it the Sat after thanksgiving and it was a surprisingly nice and fun turnout 25-30 people. Some new folks, a ballroom couple and new improv folks. New neighbors, old neighbors. Kelly was here!

New writer friends.

But what made me so happy was seeing Chance, and V and D show up at the door. Seeing part of the crew together made me so happy and cheered me up.

This is why I throw these parties. For old friends. To reconnect. Relationships.
I like pretty things

thanksgiving trip

Mon Nov 25
I have the whole week off. Jenny and me took our daughters with us to Kula revolving sushi. Then playdate at my place. After she left, we went to see Frozen 2 with Andy at the Alamo. Andy then went off to teach and K and I chilled and also cuddled a bit, and did bedtime. Then she came to my room after bedtime because I didn’t stay asleep with her, so she hung out in my room for a while. Andy came home and was indignant that she hadn’t gone to bed. Then I went to her room. She is so sweet.
Tues Nov 26
K and I went to target to get her a fold and some workbooks. I shopped a little bit too. Then we road tripped to San Antonio, there was some traffic. Upon arrival, we were pretty impressed at how fancy La Cantera was. The view was great. However, it is low season so there were certain services that was lacking, like smores or poolside service.
Wed Nov 27
Have a relaxed time in the morning then I went to the spa at La Cantera, where I had a 1.5 hour massage scheduled with a mountain of a New Zealand man. He was strong though he lacked finesse. He elbowed and knuckled me for a while, and then covered me strategically and bared my belly, and then he gave me an abdominal massage. I was freaking out a bit when his hands were on my belly and wasn’t sure if I should tell him to stop but decided I was going to give in to this weird experience. Decision: we can skip abdominal massages in the future. He did ask me in the beginning if any place was not okay to massage, I said yes like I always do.
Anyways, Andy and K joined me for a little bit, it’s cold. Even though the pools are heated, they are not heated enough. The hot tub otoh is great. I stayed in the spa facility longer because it was so relaxing and the sound of water soothing. And they had a large very hot pool in the woman’s solarium where I swam in and out of.
I like pretty things


Life is bluring so I am sitting down and getting this written.

For the weekend.

Saturday: We woke up and talked about going to the downtown farmer's market but instead I asked Andy to cook some ribeye steak he had gotten at Trader Joe's. I made some rice and ate it. He made it too salty at first, and I complained, so he rinsed it off and sauteed it a bit more.

Then Andy left for 2 hours to get some alone time with work. I was working that morning, trying to catch up on a cloud networking feature I was working on. I was also doing online tutorials on and off all weekend since I'm trying to teach myself React, a framework in Javascript. In software engineering, you always have to be learning since the technology moves so fast. If you want to be competitive in your career.

I also got to swing by Uptown Dance to do a 45 min rhumba footwork workshop.

We were invited to two parties today, one for Sunaina, a doctor friend that had moved back recently to Austin. And also a party by Winnie, an old Serious camp friend. We went to both parties, and I wore my Elhoffer design cloak to both. It feels marvelous to walk around in a cloak. Kiddo was in a Parent's Night Out, at a new place. We picked her up in between both parties and she came along to Winnies and got to play with a light up sword. At some point, Andy and I was chatting with Winnie and kiddo was in the backyard, hanging out with adults.

After that we came home, and I made Andy play Overcooked 2 on the playstation 4. It is a co-op game and we quarreled through it. Finally I left in a huff complaining that we can't seem to do anything together. I do tend to hyperbole when I'm upset at Andy.

Sunday we did end up going ot the farmer's market: The Meuller one. It was delicious. We seem to spend too much money when we go to farmer's market. I want to try all the tasty things. We ended up getting the ninja pork belly tacos, dumplings (that I didn't like but kiddo did), a crepe, chocolate brioche, Andy got some Indian food, and Brazillian cheese bread (so good warm) and youpon tea. We sat around in the park and watched her play. I love that part after farmer's market. Where we just watch her play, and our bellies are satiated. Andy had to rush us though since he had to teach at the Hideout.

Kiddo and I went home, she just chilled and played by herself. I did tutorials and stuff. There's always little stuff that need doing over the weekends now that I've a day job. Like checking money, making sure bills are paid. I diverted some money to her college account today, $180.

Then kiddo and I went to Winnie's house again, she had a dumpling party. There were some pierogies, so we ate those. Then we moved on to make Asian dumplings, and I went fast. Maybe not as pretty, but I made food. Fast. Kiddo got really into it and made a whole bunch of dumplings. I was so proud of her. Then I got a text from the babysitter who was at our house. I forgot she was babysitting because I wanted to go to the Sunday social at Go Dance.

So we rushed back home and then I went dancing. I rarely go to the Sunday dance because Andy usually is busy. Today he's at the AIC potluck and a showcase. The Sunday dance is also hard to find partners, so I found that stressful. I was having a hard time until I went to the Salsa side room, got two latin dances in, and then went back out. I got to see some pros perform: Jake and Sarah and they were gorgeous.

I swung by the bubble tea place and got myself a milk tea, no bubbles. I am addicted to milk tea at the moment.

Then got home at 8 pm, kiddo was still not asleep. So I got into bed with her. Every night, Andy and I have been continuing on an improvised Lumber Jane story. Andy has to pick up where I left off and vice versa. Today the Lumber Janes had a pie eating contest! And then it always hangs in a cliff hanger.

Then I went outside to do more online tutorials and Andy came home so he wanted to cuddle with kiddo. So we all end up in bed again, cuddling. "Family cuddling time!" as kiddo likes to announce.

Then after that Andy and I also played Overcooked which I think stresses him out but he likes to do it because he wants to spend time with me. As I was falling asleep, I resolve to use Overcooked as a way that I can communicate better with Andy.
I like pretty things

ballroom dance progress

went to uptown dance today, it's a friday, and not that many dancers, and I thought I was going to leave early, but I ended up dancing a whole bunch.

There's this guy there who only dances with his partner most socials, but his partner hadn't showed up so I asked him to Foxtrot, and I said don't go too crazy on me. But his not-advanced foxtrot was still pretty complicated but I was proud to mostly be able to follow him. Up to the head changes. So that was nice. I dance with him pretty rarely so he's a good yardstick to see how far I've progressed.

I also am starting to west coast more and I'm starting to follow better. I would say I'm now getting to be almost average west coast dancer.

Also improving in tango.

Not improved much: two step or triple two.
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work/life balance

I'm definitely struggling with work life balance. There are people at work that are overproductive workers. This guy was coding at 9 pm, 3 am and constantly slacking and talking.

And I don't want that life where I am constantly plugged in but it's hard when people are responding to you at 9 pm. I need to set better boundaries.

I'm starting to get work dreams. I dreamt we were moved to a different building where we all sat in short big tables, and we were all right next to each other. I guess that's my version of a nightmare, even more close and clustered open space working.
I like pretty things


Andy's mom joined us for a birthday party at Ramsey Park, where we bumped to Zula's dad, and a Bess's mom. Ramsey park was full of kids and their parents.
Then we came home and chilled out. I just bought a playstation the day before so we played that. Then we all headed out at 4:30 pm to Tamlyn's house. Where she had cooked us indian food. We chatted. Andy and kiddo swam and hung out in the hot tub.
Then Nick started playing the piano and we sang around the piano.
It was pretty lovely and delightful.

The morning I had an early lunch at 9 am, then I went to Brentwood Social House to chat with author Amy while she had her baby with her. Andy and kiddo went to a birthday party at a pinball place.
It was a good chat while we followed her baby around.
Then I came home and held the fort while Andy went to teach. I got to play Celeste while kiddo gave commentary.
Then Andy's dad showed up in town and he hung out for a bit with K, they watched magic school bus together.
Then Andy came home and all four of us went to Madam Mam for delicious thai food.
We came home, played some video game. I'm heading out at 9 pm to borrow some games from Kevin.